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Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil - 1 OZ

Cinnamon is believed to be one of the oldest spices in the world and has been used since the ancient times. Aside from being a spice, Cinnamon is ... more info

Item # : SCN7087


Clove Leaf Essential Oil -1 OZ

Cloves are one of the most esteemed plants since its ancient discovery because of its pleasant aroma. This is also one of the reasons why Clove Leaf ... more info

Item # : SC7082


Eucalyptus Essential Oil - 1 OZ

Eucalyptus oil is one of the bestselling essential oils in the world. It’s known for its fresh and pungent smell, as well as its therapeutic ... more info

Item # : SE7047


Frankincense Essential Oil - 1 OZ

Frankincense oil is one of the must-have oils because of the wealth of benefits you can reap from this natural product. It is well-known for its ... more info

Item # : SF7042


French Lavender Essential Oil -1 OZ

Lavender oil is wonderfully known for its aromatic and fragrant scent. The oil is also heavily used in the cosmetic industry because of its fragrant ... more info

Item # : SL7052


Lemongrass Essential Oil - 1 OZ

Native to India, Sponix Lemongrass Oil is produced from lemongrass leaves through a process called steam distillation. It’s familiar lemon-like ... more info

Item # : SG7067


Peppermint Essential Oil -1 OZ

Peppermint oil is one of the most used and versatile oils in the world. There have been a lot of studies that associated the oil in different ... more info

Item # : SP7057


Rosemary Essential Oil -1 OZ

Rosemary has been used as a natural disinfectant and purifier since the ancient times of pharaohs and queens. Sponix Rosmary Essential Oil is ... more info

Item # : SR7077


Sweet Orange Essential Oil - 1 OZ

Sponix Sweet Orange Essential Oil is produced by cold pressing rinds of sweet orange coming from Brazil. No one can mistake its distinct smell ... more info

Item # : SO7072


Tea Tree Essential Oil - 1 OZ

Native to Australia and naturalized in China, Africa and New Zealand, tea tree oil has become very popular due to its strong anti-inflammatory and ... more info

Item # : ST7062