Private Labeling

Dermagen products include skin care, wound care, treatment for pain and arthritis, products for skin firmness and helping delineating body contours. Organizations in the USA, Europe, Russia, Singapore, Ghana, and Middle Eastern countries benefit from the association with Dermagen to introduce novel products, extend their line of service and serve special niches.

Small and Large Volume Contract Manufacturing

Quality controlOur clientele include companies outsourcing liquid pharmaceutical, diagnostics, biotech products, oral liquids, topical products, sport drinks, ethnic topical preparations, and respiratory therapies. Contract services range from, blending, filling, packaging, re-packing, and kit assembly. Our facility is equipped to fill products in metal, multi layer, or plastic tubes; plastic, glass and special designed containers with a large possibilities of closure features.

Dermagen dispenses formulae prescribed by doctors that include topical and oral products with herbs and botanical extracts. These specially formulated products comprehend non-commercial concentration or combination of active drugs, extemporaneous preparations, patient customized formulations, etc.

Our totally integrated processing system is designed for fast turnaround production. Customers can choose from a wide range of sizes and presentations. Dermagen can deliver bulk in 55-gallon drums, 5-gallon pales, bottles, tubes and jars. Orders can be as low as 2,500 units for finished products. We offer turnkey or contract manufacturing with raw materials provided in part or totally by the client.

Dermagen stainless steel compounding and holding tanks features DCI and other major brands jacketed reactors with dual mixing & scrapers, sanitary connection, and sanitary pump assisted transfer system.

Our water system complies with USP Purified Water requirements and we offer a wide selection of final product filtration and microenvironment possibilities to protect the filling operation. We can deliver concentrate in bulk or as final.

Dermagen is well equipped to formulate, compound, fill and pack topical cream, lotion and ointment; oral liquids and nutrition supplements containing herbal extracts. We can do a turnkey or manage raw materials provided by clients.

Manufacturing and filling for small and large volume orders

  • * Oral liquids
    * Topical preparations
    * Creams
    * Gels
    * Lotions
    * Ointments
    * Nas sterile diagnostic
    * Liquid Homeopathic Products