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Question : Do you do reverse engineering of existing products?
Answer : Yes.

Question : Can you provide stability dating? i.e., date of manufacture, expiration dating
Answer : Yes. And our coding capabilities cover: ink jet, bottom, side & top.

Question : Do you have current formulations available for private labeling? And can these be customized to include ingredients at my direction?
Answer : Yes.

Question : How quickly can you provide samples from formulas? From re-engineered product?
Answer : Two (2) to Three (3) weeks - providing we have all the ingredients in house at the time. Applies to: Clients inside U.S.A.

Question : Does it cost to produce a product sample?
Answer : If you submit samples for duplication which includes ingredients list, there is a nominal Lab Fee. Advance payment required.

Question : Do you provie Certificates of Analysis from an independent lab?
Answer : We supply Certificates of Analysis from our own laboratory. We can supply certificates verified by an independent lab at an extra cost.

Question : What is your minimum order requirement for private labeling?
Answer : 2,000 units per product. In Bulk, the minimum is Two(2) drums per product.

Question : What is your standard lead-time - for example - for 10,000 8-oz. bottles/tubes of an Approved formula?
Answer : Four (4) to Six (6) weeks, providing packaging is already on premises. Applies to: Clients inside U.S.A.

Question : What is your standard lead-time - for example - for 10,000 8-oz. bottles/tubes of a New formula?
Answer : Six (6) to Eight (8) weeks, providing packaging is already on premises.
Applies to : Clients inside U.S.A.

Question : What is the minimum production run on tubes? And can this be split among different labels for the same formula?
Answer : 5,000 units (per product). Yes, they can be split.

Question : Can you provide tamper resistant seals? How about heat induction seals?
Answer : Yes.

Question : Can you silkscreen bottles/tubes and how long does it take?
Answer : We silkscreen - not in-house - and usually takes Two (2) weeks from the time printer has artwork and bottles/tubes

Question : I already have all packaging components, labels, and products in bulk. Would you only fill my products and affix labels?
Answer : Yes. However, we have minimum quantity requirements and would submit price Quotes based on packaging, product size and quantities you are considering.

Question : Can you supply product in bulk?
Answer : Yes.

Question : Do you do contract manufacturing?
Answer : Yes.

Question : Do I need to schedule an appointment and meet in person to do business with your company?
Answer : You are ‘not required’ to meet us to do business, although, we do recommend doing so because our experience has shown more can be accomplished in a shorter period of time and, you can see first-hand how we fit into the picture as your West Coast-based manufacturing and/or filling partner.

Question : Do you consider your company a ‘turn-key’ operation?
Answer : Yes. We can guide a marketer from product inception to finished product in both domestic and foreign markets.


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